Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mission to Kapenguria in West Pokot

Hey guys,

So I traveled to West Pokot for a faith mission between 18th and 22nd December, 2013 together with students from Daystar University. It was a great experience for me firstly because it was my first evangelical mission outside Nairobi but more so because of the great things God did while we were there.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that West Pokot is not as dry and insecure as I thought it was. There are areas of Pokot that are dry and incredibly insecure but the Western Part is more or less stable. We were warmly received by a wonderful man of God known as Pastor Kones (who has such a deep passion for the gospel and for reaching the lost with it) and stayed at Kapenguria Boys High School.

While there, I got the chance to go door to door visiting people in their homes (not in an imposing or bothersome way though hehe) and to share the gospel with those who welcomed me and my small group of guys. A number of the students in one group went as far as going into chang'aa dens to share the gospel with those who had gone there to partake the lethal brew...they shared the gospel but got insulted quite a bit but our resolve was not dampened. We also held open air crusades at the end of the five day mission, over 100 people had made the decision to believe in Jesus and to live for Him.

My personal highlight was getting to share the gospel with a Muslim administration police officer called Hassan. Although he did not give his life to Christ, I believe a seed of the gospel was sown in his heart. We also got to meet with two of the area Members of Parliament Hon. Samuel Mororo (Kapenguria) and another whose name I can't quite remember as well as the Governor of Pokot County, His Excellency Simon Kachaping. On one of the days, i was blessed to preach the gospel at a Youth rally in Trans Nzoia (which was interesting seeing as I had to do it in Kiswahili...seven young guys gave their lives to the Lord at that rally!!). I was also really touched by the compassion that the students of Daystar had as they went about God's work. They met a lady lying on the ground (she was either drunk or ailing...I can't quite recall) and in really bad shape. She hadn't bathed in ages and has flies gathered around her face. They ministered the gospel to her, bought her new clothes, carried her to a house where they and bathed and dressed her themselves. I was deeply touched by their compassion.

I also noticed that the area we visited was plagued by alcoholism and so I reckon next time we visit that place, we will probably try to forge a partnership with NACADA and have some drug awareness drives and  hopefully even kick start alcohol rehabilitation initiatives as well.

Lastly I also got to do some local tourism by visiting the prison where the "Kapenguria Six" were held in the 50s. This is me outside what used to be Mzee Jomo Kenyatta's cell (sorry I didn't take more pics of the trip).

All in all, it was a great experience that God used to mould me in my faith walk just as much as he used it to bless the people of Kapenguria. I thank God for the awesome privilege of being allowed to take part in His work.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jeff Koinange

O! And we met Jeff Koinange on our way out of the Gospel Garage session--- What a guy!? What a day?!  It was "aaaaall Kenya, aaaaaall the time!"

Show Me the Way

 Shem has also been back in the booth with Carena at 3000 Music!  He recently dropped his new hit single, Show Me the Way, at 
DJ Sadic's Club 3:16...
 Check out the audio HERE!!!

Gospel Garage

 Earlier this year after the release of both Wape Habari and King's Mic, Shem was featured on Gospel Garage with Sk Blu.  Shem, along with co-guest, Gloria Muliro, tackled the controversial subject- whether the world and church are getting used to 'God' and starting to become casual in how we see Him.  Although Shem is a Gospel rapper and singer... He is also a great preacher which he showed as he seriously laid down the Gospel message on Gospel Garage!!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

King's Mic Video - Online Reviews

The video for King's Mic has been receiving rave reviews on the internet. Check out what these sites had to say about it:

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Shem on Crossover 101

27th May 2012
Shem was invited for an interview on NTV's Crossover 101.  The theme that Sunday was "Purpose." Shem shared about his calling as a Gospel artiste and lawyer, showing that you can be a light for Christ no matter where you are placed.

Nancy and DJ Sadic asked hard hitting questions and allowed Shem to share his heart with the viewers.  Nancy stated that Shem has stood out in the Gospel industry because he does not water down the message of Christ.  (Praise God)  Shem took that opportunity to encourage other artists to use the platform God has given them for God's glory.  

That Sunday, Sadic played many Wernono songs including Shem's latest singles: King's Mic and Wape Habari.

We thank God for the opportunity to speak to the nation on His behalf.  We pray that people are encouraged and changed by what God has and is doing through Shem.

We also thank NTV Crossover 101 for the platform and pray that God would continue to bless them in their efforts to bring Christ to the world!